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Cost-Effective, High-Quality, Innovative Solutions

Since 1979, DM Systems, Inc., has been dedicated to innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for a multitude of health conditions, from heel pressure ulcers, to ankle sprains.

Since its inception, DM Systems has set the mark for innovation in heel pressure ulcer prevention. Heelift® Suspension Boot has long represented the gold standard in heel offloading. Now Heelift® Glide has elevated the standards even higher. A soft, smooth exterior helps Heelift Glide move easily across sheets while a forefoot strap also aids in keeping the patient’s foot in the proper position.

Heelift® Traction Boot brought innovation to the application of skin traction for the purpose of stabilizing femur fractures. Post surgery, the traction device can be coverted to a Heelift Suspension Boot. Heelift® AFO is the first ankle foot orthosis that can also relieve heel pressure. HeelSafe™ DVT Hose offers all of the benefits of graduated compression hose together with a “window” that relieves pressure and also allows palpation of the heel.

In addition to these cutting edge heel pressure ulcer prevention products, DM Systems also offers Elbowlift® Suspension Pad which helps reduce pressure and friction at the elbow. Also available are diverse rehabilitation products and casting products.

All DM Systems products are manufactured with the best interests of caregivers and patients in mind.

Simple. Proven. Solutions.

That’s what you can expect from DM Systems.