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Exercise/Rehab Products

Adjusticizer® Exercise System FAQs

1) What is the Adjusticizer® Exercise System?

The Adjusticizer is a completely adjustable progressive resistive strengthening device consisting of one bunge cord in three levels of resistance-light, medium, and tough. There are two exchangeable handles, two exchangeable foot straps, and two adjusters fixed to loops of the cord that allow for changing the length, and adjusting the tension.

An extra springlink is included for attachment to a knotted foot strap. Placement of the knotted foot strap in a door frame allows the user to do two handed wide arc ‘flies’, or one leg long arc stretches.

It comes with a 64 page flip manual to guide the user through nutrition, muscle strengthening programs, and individual muscle group exercises.

2) What are the indications for using an Adjusticizer?

For either maintenance or progressive resistive strengthening of isolated muscle groups. It is ideally indicated for rehabilitation because it weighs less than 8 ounces, and can be used standing, sitting, or lying down.

• Physical therapist traveling to patients
• Wheelchair patients (ex. Paraplegics)
• Bedridden patients
• Homecare patients
• Home gym exercisers
• Travelers
• Home TV exercisers

3) How do I decide what strength is right for me?

Because the device is adjustable in tension and length only guidelines can be given.

• Children under fourteen years: light or medium
• Men over fourteen but under sixty-five: tough
• Women over fourteen but under sixty-five: start with medium
• People sixty-five to eighty: medium to light—must individualize
• Rehabilitation after injury/disease: should check with MD or PT

Light: 5-20 lbs. - Not very active at all
Medium: 10-30 lbs. - Active day to day (walking/occasional exercise)
Tough: 20-45 lbs. - Active and fit (daily exercise with good strength)

4) Is the Adjusticizer latex free?

Yes and no! The bunge covering, handles, foot straps, and adjusters are latex free. The inner bunge cables that stretch are latex but do not directly contact the skin.

5) Is the Adjusticizer covered by insurance?

It may be if prescribed by a physician or registered therapist depending on your health policy. Most policies do not cover maintenance strengthening.

6) Is the Adjusticizer under warrantee?

Any Adjusticizer that breaks, wears out, or has a manufacturing defect will be replaced for free if returned to DM Systems in less than three months from purchase.