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Exercise/Rehab Products

AnkleTough® Rehab System FAQs

1) What is the AnkleTough® Rehab System?

The AnkleTough is a set of four latex-free double looped tension straps designed to fit over all foot sizes at the fifth metatarsal head. It comes in four tensions: light or very weak, medium strength, strong or high tension, and tough or very high tension. The AnkleTough set also includes an instruction card demonstrating the exercises for which it is most commonly used. There is also an AnkleTough eight set of the same tension without an instruction card for use by physical therapists, coaches and exercise trainers.

2) What are the indications or when should I use the AnkleTough?

Treatment following ankle sprains, strains, or fractures.
Prevention: Use to develop ankle (peroneal muscle) strength, especially for eversion or outward movement of the foot to avoid inversion injury, which is the commonest cause of ankle sprains and fractures.

3) How should I use the latex free AnkleTough straps?

After inversion injuries, sprain or fracture, first obtain a full range of motion of the ankle in all directions. When pain is mild and range of motion normal, begin with the white strap doing ten repetitions twice per day sitting with the knees bent at a right angle (90 degrees) and the feet together. The strap should be over each forefoot at the base of the fifth toe. When ten repetitions twice per day are easy, change to the yellow strap and repeat the process. Gradually move up to the red and blue straps. Another option is to place a shoe between the heels to increase the tension of the current strap. Follow the instruction card for strengthening the other muscles about the ankle.

4) What makes the AnkleTough better than other bands?

The AnkleTough is specifically designed to rehab the ankle. It holds the feet to less than one inch together and efficiently makes use of the full amount of the limited amount of excursion/abduction of the foot at the ankle. The peroneal muscles (peroneus brevis and longus) have very short excursions and are very difficult to strengthen individually. Our exercise program optimizes the strengthening of these muscles. This in turn aids the return of proprioceptive nerve function to prevent future injuries.

6) How can I wash the AnkleTough?

The straps may be hand washed or machine washed and dried.

5) How long will the AnkleTough straps last?

The AnkleTough straps will be replaced free of charge if returned for defect or loss of function less than six months from purchase. This has never happened.