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Exercise/Rehab Products

Shoulder Stabilizer

Complete system includes
compression shorts,
harness and progressive
resistance tubing

Suggested Code: L3675

Chronic shoulder injuries such as shoulder subluxations and sporadic shoulder dislocations can hinder or even end an athlete's ability to play his/her sport. Cadlow Shoulder Stabilizer allows the athlete to fully function without fear of pain or re-injury. The patented Cadlow pull system is a shoulder therapy and shoulder rehab device that provides glenohumeral stability while maintaining the athlete's full range of motion (ROM).

• Strengthens the shoulder by providing graduated, variable resistive exercise that can be increased as the athlete's strength increases

• Helps prevent recurrent shoulder injuries, subluxations or dislocations without restricting motion/movement

• Can be used for pre- and post-operative protection/strengthening resistive exercise

• Applies easily after initial custom fit

• Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large