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Casting Solutions

Cast Sole

Patent No. 5,433,695
Suggested Code: L3260

Improves Gait and Offers Fixed Cast Protection

Wearing a long or short leg walking cast is uncomfortable and awkward. Add a cast protection or ambulatory aid, and you add bulk, weight and cost to the cast. CastWalker provides the solution for walking cast wearers.

CastWalker increases patient mobility and comfort so that wearing a walking cast becomes less of an impediment to an active lifestyle. The patient´s gait pattern improves because CastWalker allows for a more normal swing-through motion.

CastWalker is priced competitively with other devices and allows greater freedom and less clumsiness. Now available in Small, Medium, and Large, CastWalker also can be trimmed for a custom fit to any size foot. Applies quickly and easily with a special adhesive that sets in 45 seconds.