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Casting Solution

CastWedge Cast Adjuster FAQs

1) What is a CastWedge™ Cast Adjuster?

The latex-free CastWedge is a small piece of plastic with a top flange 1 ¼ long by ½ inch wide. In the center is a ½ inch deep portion with grooves on either side. This portion comes in five widths/sizes: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30 mm.

2) For what would someone use a CastWedge?

The CastWedgeis used by physicians and cast technicians to adjust the alignment of casted fractures. By placing an incomplete circumferential cut around the correct portion of the casted fracture, they can spread the cast, change the fracture alignment, and hold the position by inserting a CastWedge. X-rays are taken to check the position of the broken bone that pass through the CastWedge which is radiolucent. This saves considerable cost, time, and effort over remanipulating the fracture and placing a new cast.

It is also used commonly to maintain opening splits placed in casts to relieve the pain and pressure of swelling after acute fractures or surgery.

3) Is the CastWedge radiolucent?

Yes! The CastWedge shows only a faint shadow as x-rays pass through the polyethylene plastic. It does not impair the bone image.

4) Are CastWedges reusable?

Yes, and they last far beyond the life of any cast.

5) Can the CastWedge cause any harm?

No. Properly placed, the broad flange at the top prevents the latex-free CastWedge from displacing inside the cast and causing a pressure ulcer against the skin. The side grooves hold it against the cut sides of the cast, and the smooth curved bottom rarely if ever touches the patient’s skin. The cast edges evert or turn out when spread open.

Best practice is to add a few layers of casting tape or adhesive tape over the CastWedge to further insure to does not move.