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Exercise/Rehab Products

Whether your patient suffers from first-time or chronic, recurrent injury to the shoulder or ankle, DM Systems has a rehab product to help alleviate the problem. For portable exercise with the versatility of adjustability, we have the ideal alternative to expensive machines.

Cadlow™ Shoulder Stabilizer

For shoulders, Cadlow Shoulder Stabilizer, a dynamic, multi-sport stabilizing brace, provides glenohumeral stability without inhibiting range of motion.

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Adjusticizer® Exercise System

For a full body workout, Adjusticizer Exercise System is the ideal, portable, inexpensive option for exercising any time and anywhere.

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AnkleTough® Rehab System

To strengthen and condition ankles or rehab ankle injuries, AnkleTough Rehab System offers a system of progressive resistance ideal for a variety of patients.

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