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Date: January, 2006



Heel Suspension Boot with added foot drop treatment

Evanston, Illinois . . . . A new, slimmer design for Heelift and Heelift Smooth Suspension Boots with features to increase comfort, ease of use and support debuts in January 2006.

The new Heelift design includes extended stitching along the top rim of the boot to narrow the forefoot, creating a slimmer profile that is less bulky and more comfortable for the patient. This feature increases the forefoot support to give improved protection against foot drop, equinus deformity or heel cord contracture. In addition, the extended stitching prevents against the possibility of tearing of the foam through the ventilation holes by eliminating the stress risers in that area of the boot.

Another feature added in the redesign of Heelift is easier, one-handed closure. Replacing the previous multi-strap configuration is a design featuring two non-abrasive, soft straps with D-ring closures. The simplified strap design permits easier adjustment of the strap tension. The two straps make application of the Heelift easier and quicker.

Heelift and Heelift Smooth Suspension Boots are proven effective in prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers. Heelift eliminates pressure from the heel by lifting it with an elevation pad and suspending the heel in protective space. Pressure is transferred from the heel to the lower leg. In prevention regimens, Heelift can be used with patients who are immobile, post-operative or suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease or dietary deficiencies. Heelift is ideal in cases of foot drop, flaccid paralysis (non-spastic), pre- and post-operative hip fractures and skin grafts.

DM Systems, Inc., manufacturers of Heelift and a leading supplier of wound care, rehab and orthopedic products, offers a complementary copy of Wound Care Solutions, a program highlighting the benefits of Heelift, on CD or VHS tape. For a complimentary copy of Wound Care Solutions, contact the company.

Heelift is a registered trademark of DM Systems, Inc.