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The videos below vary in length from one
to twelve minutes. The videos are best
viewed using a broadband connection
(cable or DSL). Please be patient as the
videos may take several seconds to
load and begin playing.

The videos are available in three formats.
Please make sure you have one of the
required players listed below:

(Note: Windows Media Player 10 is only available for Windows XP.
For other versions of Windows, use Windows Media Player 9)

Heelift Video Part 1 - The Problem
Length = 1:54


Heelift Video Part 2 - The Solution
Length = 2:10


Heelift Video Part 3 - Demonstrating the Features and Application of Heelift® Suspension Boot
Length = 7:36


Heelift Video Part 4 - Evaluation Results
Length = :47


Heelift Video Part 5 - Testimonials
Length = 2:22


Heelift Traction Boot® - Stabilizing Traction for Pre-Surgical Femur Fractures
Length = 3:55


Elbowlift® - Helps Prevent Elbow Discomfort and Injury
Length = 3:04


Cadlow™ Shoulder Stabilizer
Length = 7:56


Cadlow™ Shoulder Stabilizer - Professional Basketbal Testimonial
Length = 3:12


Cadlow™ Shoulder Stabilizer - Sizing & Application
Length = 12:36


Adjusticizer® Exercise System Commercial
Length = 1:04


AnkleTough® Rehab Systems Commercial
Length = 1:04


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