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Product Testimonials


Pam Wilson, RN
Sunnyview Home, Butler, PA

"The residents black eschar came off during this trial [and] she had pink healthy tissue underneath. We are continuing to use the [Heelift] boot on her for prevention. Thanks!".

Nathaniel Groff, DON
Grace Nursing Home, Livingston, CA

"I just tried the Heelift product that is very effective. The Heelift is very safe, convenient and easy to use. We have a resident with a Stage III ulcer on the left ankle. The resident keeps having trauma to the wound. Since we started using the Heelift there has been no trauma".

Lisa Zukaitis
Stevenson Wound Healing Institute, Edmonds, WA

"We just need a practical product that off loads, is comfortable, and relatively inexpensive that patients can afford if insurance will not cover. Please keep us updated on any new products or revisions. We appreciate your product's quality and effectiveness."

Kaye Moseley, Clinical Director
HyOx Medical Treatment Center, Marrietta, GA

"I was the head of a skin/wound committee at a teaching hospital in Houston, Texas before coming to Georgia. We used the Heelift boot as a preventative product and it worked very well. Our heel ulcer rate decreased dramatically!

I am a big believer in this product and have seen excellent results. For hospital use, the Heelift can save money, as well as provide quality care for their patients in a cost effective manner."

Andrew Black, DPM
Podiatrist and Wound Care, Woolwich TWP, NJ

"I think this is a great Boot. I am trying to get the hospital I am at to use it, and my five nursing homes."

Faye Walker, LPN
Ridgecrest Health & Rehab, Jonesboro, AR

"This product is very important in the treatment of pressure ulcers, to help keep the heel area elevated in pressure areas, to help to prevent redness or skin breakdown in residents that are immobile."

Allison Wintermute, LPN
Sunbridge Care & Rehab, Moses Lake, WA

"This product healed our resident's unstageable 2x2 cm eschar area to the posterior right heel in 3 weeks! The skin was completely epithelialized at the 22nd day. I am thoroughly impressed. I have not seen any other product work so effectively and rapidly."

Theresa Ultrino, RN, DON
Premier Place at the Glenview, Naples, FL

"We usually use pillows to float residents heels. This works the best with residents who cooperate with the plan. Our trial resident suffers from Parkinson's Dimentia and he "shakes off" every other lift device we had. This was a successful option. Thank you. When another suitable candidate comes along, we will consider using the Heelift boot."

Laura Johnson
Dayton, Ohio

"Grandmother ripped waffle boots in attempts to remove boot during the night. (She) cannot rip this boot apart and she cannot take it off. The ulcer is 1/2 the size, but she must continue to keep all pressure off the foot."

Michelle Beesley, CWOCN
Whidbey General Hospital, Coupeville, WA

"(The boot) stayed in place; can use in bed or in scooter. Most important, heel ulcer healed after one month of Heelift being put on patient. Patient still wearing (the boot) for prevention."

Lois Kubitschek, RN, CNP
HealthEast Vascular Clinic

"Cost effective, comfortable, and effective."

Brandie Fussell, Licensed Vocational Nurse
Twin Lakes Care Center

"This boot keeps pressure off of the heel and sides of the feet. The patient is able to keep a straight position of the foot when lying in bed or up in a chair without the foot getting pressed into the mattress. It keeps the foot from being tucked too close to the body to contractured the lower extremities."

Rebekah Meyers, RN, BSN, CWOCN
Northern Home Care, Mt. Airy, NC

"Our hospital is ordering heelift boots. We are very excited to have your product."

Jonathan, (parent of Marissa and user of Heelift Boots)
Long island, NY

"Marissa has severe Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Quadriplegia), intractable Lennox-Gastaut Epilepsy, advanced Kyphoscoliosis and significant pulmonary impairment. She is non-verbal and non-ambulatory. The Heelift Boots have become an essential part of her care and have eliminated the previously frequent (and painful) episodes of skin breakdown of the heel area with which she was formerly afflicted (at least one of which resulted in a ten day hospital stay)."

Linda Smith, RN
Franklin County Public Health, Malone, NY

"Thank you for the Heelifts! They were a great addition to the plan of care, and a great teaching tool for the staff on prevention and wound care. The SCI patient liked the product and it kept her leg straight."

Lori Parker, RN, CWOCN
York, PA

"We often see problems from multipodus style splints with rigid frames causing pressure areas. We are very pleased with the Heelift Suspension Boot because of its soft framework, comfort, and improved pressure relief for our elderly patient population. It's worth it!!"

Teresa Hernandez, RN
Sonora, CA

"The patient states it is very comfortable. The staff reports it is easy to use. The patient had a boggy heel when the Heelift was placed, and the heel firmed up after one week."

Elsie Mari , LPN
Greensboro, NC

"There has been a remarkable reduction in size of the left ankle ulcer on this patient (81 year old woman) since we started using the Heelift. There were no signs of pressure on the left heel. This is a wound that had not had a change in months but now we think we may be able to heal it with the use of the Heelift".

Lora L., R.N., C.W.C.N.
Methodist Wound Care Center, Peoria, IL

"The style of the Heelifts is patient friendly. It is not difficult to use and we love the fact that it is washable."

Linda A., C.W.O.C.N.
Visiting Nurses Association, Banning, WA

"HeeLifts give 100% pressure relief and the family is willing to comply with its correct application."

Loren Hayes, M.S.N., A.R.N.P. B.C., M.S., C.W.C.N., C.W.S, D.A.P.W.C.A.
Wound Technology Network, Hollywood, FL

"Thank you for your great product and for helping me heal my patients' heel wounds, and thank you for your great customer service."

Sandra V., Diabetic HeeLift¨ boot user
Suffolk, VA

"Use HeeLift¨ boots. They Work!! I know this product works and speeds up the healing process (because) I had stopped using the boots for a week and developed a big red sore. Up to that point, the healing process had been right on track."

Alison Broxson, LPN, WCC, Clinical Nurse Specialist
The Manor at Blue Water Bay, FL
"I really like these products. I've been using the Heelift boot for prevention and treatment of heel ulcers since they were first introduced, and I believe there's no comparison with other heel protection products! The Heelifts are reasonably priced and I've found that they're better than more expensive off-loading boots, which off-load the heel, but usually result in impaired skin integrity to other boney prominences. I have never experienced this problem with Heelift. Both versions of the boot are great!"

Susan B. Gonzales ADON/RN
Bethany Healthcare Center, Framingham, MA

"Residents' heels were mushy and tender, purple/black in color; however, the skin on their heels remained intact. Within two weeks of implementing a treatment regimen using the Heelift® Suspension Boot, fluids were re-absorbed into the body and the skin on the heels began to harden. By the third week of the regimen, all skin discoloration disappeared from the heels; overall, skin condition was back to normal. GREAT PRODUCT!"

Bryan J. Michelow, MD
Lyndhurst, OH

"Many thanks for providing me with two samples of the Heelift® Suspension Boot. I am impressed with the design of Heelift®, which effectively keeps pressure off the patient’s heel and lateral malleoli.

"I have recommended Heelift® Suspension Boot to Hillcrest Hospital, Euclid Hospital, and the Broadview Multicare Nursing Home. While treating patients in these institutions, I have had the opportunity to utilize Heelift® in the treatment regimens of four patients. I have been impressed with the progressive improvement in the heel pressure sores in each of these patients.

"Compared to other similar devices available to me in the hospital, I prefer Heelift® and am recommending this product to my patients with heel and ankle pressure sores."

Christine M. Bell, Enterostomal Therapist
Salem Community Hospital, Salem, OH

"I am very pleased with the ease of application, for patients and caregivers alike, of the Heelift® Suspension Boot.

"The add-on cushion prevents foot drop and is especially useful on those patients prone to foot drop.

"Heelift® Suspension Boot also prevents pressure areas from forming on patients who exhibit spasticity of the legs."

Cheryl Postlewaite, MSN, RN, CWOCN

"We are having fantastic results with this product. I couldn’t be more pleased with our reduction in hospital acquired heel ulcers. We haven’t had any hospital acquired heel lesions since introduction of the Heelift®."


Sheryl Tatum Tedford, RN, CWOCN
Sutter VNA & Hospice, Sacramento, CA

"This product works wonders on this patient (Grade IV elbow ulcer). In homecare patients must buy these products as they are not covered by medicare or other insurance companies. This patient's wound improved in decreased size and drainage. No new pressure areas developed."

Kathleen S. Moore, LPN
Medina, NY

"For multiple reasons this resident has been difficult to manage. His age and hemiplegia have worked against him. Today, the stage II  area on the elbow is closed with pink virgin tissue. I feel that in part this outcome is related to the use of the Elbowlift."

Kathleen S. Moore, LPN
Medina, NY

"This 92 year old man was admitted with an extensive skin tear on the left elbow received during a hospital stay." "So far the Elbowlift has proven to be an excellent device for protection and padding of the skin tear area. It stays in place nicely keeping the dressing itself well positioned, and not allowing it to shift and disrupt tissue healing."

Suzanne Rich RN, ADON
Shepherd of the Valley

"I have seen an improvement in the elbow ulcer (96 year old woman) from a stage ll to a stage l. This was a chronic problem and we had not seen improvement over the previous 30 days. After one week we saw a difference. We will continue to use the Elbowlift as a preventative.

We have been using your Heelift Suspension boots with great success!! Thank you for allowing us to use your product to trial. We will continue to purchase through our approved vendor."

Joyce S Otto, BSN, RN, CWOCN
Bethany Healthcare Center, Framingham, MA

"My patient was a 92 year old woman who had an elbow wound for two years. The surgeon had performed surgery on the elbow twice but it still did not heal. He told me the elbow was mine to manage because I can’t do anything with it. We applied a sample of the Elbowlift® suspension pad and within six months we had her healed up.

It was comfortable for her to use, and it worked out beautifully. Your Elbowlift® is wonderful!"



Joe Timpona, Hockey Goalie

“As a goalie in hockey, the Cadlow gives me the added confidence that my shoulder will not pop out during practice or a game when I have to reach out for the puck…I am confident that the Cadlow will continue to stabilize my shoulder while continuing to give me the full range of motion with my glove side.”

Dave Hammons, Head Athletic Trainer
Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC

"The Cadlow is an innovative idea for someone looking to strengthen the shoulder while providing stabilization through normal range of motion."

J. Southard
Trumbull, CT

"Rick (Southard) dislocated in a football game. His doctor said he was out for the season. A teammate suggested the Cadlow. We approached the doctor and he said if the shoulder had full range of motion he'd consider it. Rick worked really hard and within two weeks was back on the field playing for the FCAIC division. The brace gives him full range of motion and security. He loves it and will use it playing at Pace University In Ne York."

Nick Phillips, Medical Device Engineer

"The Cadlow System works great. Instructions were easy to follow and easy to use once properly fitted...As a medical device engineer, I invested a considerable amount of time researching available support therapies. The Cadlow is the only device I found that allows the range of motion I need for all-mountain and freestyle snowboarding I enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity to continue enjoying the snow season."

Veronica Wyss, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Wake Forest University

"This was the BEST shoulder device I have worked with to date...The (Cadlow) was great for progressive rehab as well as patient confidence. One great feature (it has many) is that it is not as cumbersome and hot to wear as other products on the market while proving to be very effective."

Rodney Christensen, ATC-R
Kansas City Kansas Community College

"First, I would like to thank you for all of your assistance when ordering the brace and all the follow-up during the course of the season. Secondly, Kim would like to thank you for allowing her to return to the top of her game so quickly. She was apprehensive about returning her arm overhead but within ten minutes of wearing the Cadlow she had regained full, pain free range of motion. Most importantly she had regained her confidence and felt a sense of security. The brace allowed Kim full, unrestricted ROM that no other brace on the market offers. Additionally, with the progressive band system, Kim was allowed to "functionally" strengthen the shoulder as she played throughout the season. I feel the design of the Cadlow brace is ideal for the injured basketball player. I certainly have proof. The Cadlow allowed Kim to finish the season strong averaging 15 points and 8 rebounds a game, earning all-conference honors and the team MVP. Thanks again for all of your help."

Matthew A. Fisher, MS, LATC
South Hadley, MA

"The Cadlow Shoulder Stabilizer helped restore our softball catcher's confidence. She had no dislocations while in the brace, improved her strength, maintained full range of motion and improved her delivery to second base. I would fully recommend the Cadlow to any athlete with shoulder instability."

Rory Cooper
Boulder, CO

"I recently dislocated my shoulder playing basketball. When I wore the Cadlow with the black tubes it worked great. I used to have a MAX shoulder harness, but it took away almost all of my motion. The Cadlow gives me a FULL RANGE of motion. It has also strengthened my shoulder. I've hurt my shoulder playing football, lacrosse, and basketball but feel great about doing all of them with the Cadlow. I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THE CADLOW!! I LOVE IT!!”

Marty Biondi, PT
Evanston, IL

"I believe that without the consistent use of the Cadlow Brace, this patient would not have been able to play lacrosse, would have continued her guarded use of her (R) UE with respect to ADL’s, and, mostly importantly, would not have attained the strength gains. . .which have provided this young athlete with a significantly more stable shoulder.”

Chris Snoddy, Director
Baptist Sport Medicine, Nashville, TN

"Without the Cadlow Shoulder Stabilizer, the running back would not have been able to play for 13 games. Your product saved his sophomore year.”

Susan Lutostanski, Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Arlington Heights, IL

"It worked great. . .The brace was really excellent and we would recommend it to anyone who has shoulder dislocation/subluxation problems. I wonder if my son had had the brace after recovery from the first dislocation, if he might have avoided surgery.”

Barb Hornung
Stratton, CO

"The brace is wonderful. (The patient’s) shoulder has not dislocated since he started wearing the brace. We tried (a similar brace), but it dislocated while wearing it. We are not interested in surgery and think this will keep (the patient) from more damage until he is done with high school sports.”