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Walking Cast Boot

Preventing Cast Breakdown

If you've been fitted with a walking cast boot, there are some things you can do to take care of it. Without care, 40% of all casts will break down, which results in more time spent in the doctor's office.

Here are a few tips:

  • Don't walk on your walking cast boot until the cast has completely dried and hardened
  • Make sure to keep your cast dry - cover with sheets of plastic when you shower or bathe
  • Do not pull the padding out from under your cast
  • Don't rip or trim the rough edges of your cast without talking to your doctor first
  • Inspect your cast daily - call your doctor if you see any cracks or soft spots
To protect your walking cast boot from damage and increase your comfort, ask your doctor about DM Systems' Casting Solutions.

Our CastWalker® Cast Sole is designed to increase your comfort and mobility. It provides a fixed cast protection while allowing a more natural gait.

The GaitKeeper® Cast Shoe features an air sole design to prevent excessive walking cast wear and to reduce impact to the injured leg.

The CastWedge™ Cast Adjuster is a perfect solution when realignment is necessary due to swelling. Exact adjustments to casted fractures can be made without the inconvenience of replacing the original cast.

Protect your walking cast boot. Contact DM Systems for your Casting Solution.